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Need wedding ideas want a website that really understands you?  We specialise in Encore Weddings.  We are your second wedding ultimate companion, coach and best friend.  Our goal is to provide you will  quality information, tips and advice to help you plan the wedding that is perfect for you.

We don’t focus on flowers, cars, table decorations or all the trimmings that take 80% of the effort but add only 20% to the memories of the day.  We really understand the unique challenges that encore brides (and grooms) face and we are here to help you.

We recognise that most of you just don’t have the same amount of time that many first time brides have to dedicate to their wedding planning. That’s why we have created a comprehensive flagship product – Second Wedding Mastery that will proved you with pretty much everything you need to know, and probably more.

There isn’t another product on the market that is so comprehensive at such an affordable price. What you will learn will save you far more than the cost of Second Wedding Mastery.

But if you are not ready to buy yet, you are welcome to browse our blog posts and many articles and pages full of tailored information to help you as you plan your wedding.

We just home that we can give you lots of wedding ideas and start you on your planning process. Do come back and visit us many times as we are always posting new material to help you. Lots of wedding ideas, tips, advice that will be unique.




Second Chance for a Love to Last

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