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About Gillian Andale

gillian-andaleIn 1981 Gillian Andale became a first time bride, marrying someone who had already been married. Together they had two children who are now young adults. After divorcing in 2003, she married again in 2007. Her present husband is a divorcee with four children, also young adults, plus a growing number of granddaughters.

When the time came, Gillian was surprised at how hard it was to find relevant information relating to remarriage and planning a second wedding. While there was plenty out there, much of it was quite generic, and she didn’t have the time to plough through it all to find what was relevant to her. Timing was crucial and the pressure intense; their wedding was to take place in just six weeks so that the honeymoon could coincide with the world trip her partner had planned for her special birthday.

A perennial student of life, Gillian has studied human behaviour and growth since 2001. Following her huge wedding challenge, she decided to use her knowledge to find out exactly what people needed to know when planning to remarry. She has brought together a team of experts in their fields to help deliver Love2Last…this time, the first globally-focused web business dedicated to getting married again, planning the wedding, and sustaining the love in the early years – after the honeymoon glow wears off!

Gillian’s research and studies have gone much deeper than she first envisioned. She found the perception of ‘failure’ to be at the heart of so many couple’s worries, and the long-term impact that mind-set has on families, especially children, is profound. For this reason, she is passionate about changing how we understand our evolution through relationships – in particular the distinctions between perceived success and failure. With more than 50% of families now not fitting the traditional role, it is time to shift our viewpoint, and put a more positive (or at least neutral) spin on the new ‘norm’.

Gillian has more than first-hand experience in getting married again, blending families, living within acrimonious situations, being a step-parent and step-grandparent, planning an encore wedding, and dealing with the on-going challenges of marrying later in life. The purpose of this series is to help others in the same situation, smoothing this sometimes rocky path and providing easy access to knowledge gained through decades of research and life experience.

Before establishing Love2Last, she built a very successful career in Process Reengineering and Project Management, owning her own company as well as holding senior positions in international companies and government departments. Gillian and her family have lived in the UK, Bermuda, Singapore, Australia, and Italy, and she has worked in over 55 other countries. All of the world’s cultures are so different, but they all honour marriage, and they all find it equally challenging to make it everything it can be.



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