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About Your Second Wedding


Whether this is you or your partner’s first, second or tenth time walking down the aisle , every encore wedding is different and is every bit unique and special.

With over 70% of encore weddings involving couples who already have children, there are many complexities to navigate through.

Love2Last Weddings focuses on helping couples to identify what they want and what really makes sense for them. It has the answers to so many questions being asked about remarriage and encore weddings; it lays out your options for wedding venues, ceremonies, attire, styles, themes and other wedding musts and needs.

It offers a unique encore wedding perspective to vows, ceremonies, bridal party roles, speeches, photography and many other popular items you might want to include in your second wedding. It is packed full of guidance, advice and ideas on how to plan an amazing wedding without the drama.

Love2Last Weddings has been created to be your wedding planning partner.  To save you from searching through dozens of websites, buying numerous glossy magazines and books, reading article after article and seeking advice from other encore couples.

We have brought it all together through this website to save you the cost of both your $$$ and valuable time and to create a wedding that reflects you, your lifestyle and what you and your spouse truly value.

Here at Your Second Wedding, we will start your journey of that love that lasts a lifetime…this time.



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