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Creating a Modern Wedding Registry: Ideas for Blended Families

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The creation of a blended family through marriage can be a joyous – and logistically challenging – occasion. Using a wish registry (a tasteful, convenient version of a cash registry) is a fantastic way to simplify and celebrate the union of two people who already have children. Here are some ideas for blended families that you might want to consider.

For young brides and grooms with no children, household essentials may be welcome wedding gifts. But as a couple who has been married before, you’ve probably got more important goals than beefing up your silverware collection or receiving yet another soup ladle. Instead of an unimaginative wishing well, consider inviting guests to contribute monetary gifts towards an online wish registry.

Below are a few ideas for what to tastefully request:

  • Contributions to a college fund, or several college funds. If your children or stepchildren will be heading off to college in the next couple of years, they’ll need money for tuition, books, and living expenses. Guests can show their support for the newly expanded family by kicking in a donation for this worthwhile cause on your gift registry.
  • Additions or repairs to the house. Remember the Brady’s? Nine people in one house, two of whom are already teenagers and two of whom will soon be teenagers. Jan will likely want her own room soon. Plus, with all those boys in one house, you just know things are going to get broken, like a vase… or Marcia’s nose. With a wedding wish registry, you can ask for help completing certain projects, such as a new addition, upgraded appliances, or an extra bathroom. You can even ask for help covering moving expenses to ensure that everyone’s belongings get safely settled.
  • Family vacations or nights out. Raising children in a family that has suddenly doubled in size can be just as challenging as it is joyous. You don’t need more stuff-you need time together, even if it’s only for a weekend away or a night out. Use the wish-based bridal registry to help buy a nice dinner out for just the two of you, or for a concert and hotel room. After all, even the most perfect family needs a break once in a while.



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