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Personalising Your Wedding

Although proportionally second weddings are smaller, lower budget and more focused, there is still plenty of room to unleash your creative imagination.

Many first time brides spend every waking moment agonising over the details of the table decorations, twinkling lights and cocktail hour food. Chances are there will be considerable less time available for this, which suggests a simplified, but by no means less personalised wedding.

Dressing the Bridal Party

dressingCan the bride wear white? This is the most asked question on the internet from second wedding brides. The answer is that nowadays you can wear whatever you like, although maybe hold off on the blush veil. What is most important is what you do feel comfortable, but beautiful in? Don’t forget to enjoy planning all the accessories too, even if you are reusing anything you already have.

The style, colour, cut, length, location and price tag all must fit with who you are and what you want to look like for your loved one, on YOUR wedding day. Take advice, but be sure that it is good advice from people who do not have their own agendas. This is the same for the rest of the bridal party too.

Less focus is often on the groom and his party, but the menswear market is rapidly expanding to give some great choices, so help them to have fun planning what they want to wear too.

Colours, Themes and Decoration

Lilac+and+purple+wedding+inspiration+boardYou don’t have to plan a large wedding to incorporate a theme. They work just as well for small occasions and help to give the wedding a sense of organisation and flow.

A theme wedding is also a great idea if you want to involve children, especially your own if you have them. Letting them help choose a theme that you can all enjoy. The more they want to be involved with the planning, the greater the family bonding and enjoyment will be.

Carrying through your theme to your stationery and invitations works too. It is amazing the amount of stationery required and it is a chance to let the real you through, but pay attention to detail.

There are wonderful options where you DIY, use a specialist provider or have a professional printing company produce your items.

Venues and Destinations

When it comes to sifting through venue options the sky really is the limit. Any number of buildings or locations will make the perfect wedding backdrop. More than likely your decision will depend on factors such as lifestyle, interests, personality and of course budget. The eBook Love2Personalise provides many suggestions for you to think about.

Flowers, Cakes, and Favors

flowersA wedding would not really be complete without flowers, no matter how small the number or size of the arrangements. They add beauty, delicacy, fragrance and ambiance to the occasion. Best of all, they make the bride feel special. Do not compromise on your flowers, just get creative as to how to best provide them, and rope in your creative friends when necessary.

Wedding cakes are another area where your budget and personal interests will help determine what decisions you make. These days there is a huge variety of designer wedding cakes and cake toppers that are accompanied by an equally eye-popping bill.

Not only do you have free rein on the design, the type of cake itself can be just as diverse with the traditional fruit cake only one of the many options available.

Gifts for your guests (bombonieres/favours) are a bit like Christmas crackers; they don’t make or break people’s memory of your day but they’re a great way to personalise a wedding and give something to guests that can be taken away as a keepsake.

Photography, Video photography, Transmissions, Music & Entertainment and Transport

The price of any form of professional recording of your special day can really add up. So you will want to ensure your money is well spent. Not to mention how much time they will want to take up. You will want to have photographs, videos etc, but plan it well.

With the advent of digital, many second wedding couples are happy with keen amateurs to supply their pictures. However, if you do go the professional route, then the eBook Love2Personalise is full of tips to make sure you get the best possible.

Music is in a similar category to photography. There are many options other than the professional route, so take your time and decide what is important to you at both your ceremony and reception.

Transport is another personal choice. Depending on which way you look at it, this could be a great way of making a dramatic statement or an area where you can save on your budget.

Gifts and Registry

Present / giftWhether you are happy to receive wedding gifts is a decision you’ll need to make as a couple and then communicate to your guests, probably via the invitations. Many couples feel uncomfortable accepting presents from people who generously gave the first time around.

It is perfectly acceptable to stipulate a ‘no gifts’ policy. If you do choose to receive gifts there is no harm in going the registry or cash envelope route either, but do find the right wording to express whichever option you go for.



Money Saving Tips

Finally, in the eBook Love2Personalise we provide some helpful money saving tips. Chances are if you’re on a tight budget, this is the best way to start! Most encore weddings are paid for by the couple without any contribution from families, so it’s important to contain costs.



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