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Pre and Post Celebrations

Pre-wedding Celebrations

Many questions we get are about events that surround the wedding itself. Is it appropriate to have wedding showers for a second weddings, hen and stag nights? What about rehearsal dinner and all those traditions?


Encore couples are often uncomfortable about showers and hen/stag nights as they don’t fit their current lifestyle. Getting roaring drunk and walking round in a pink veil just doesn’t sit right when you have 4 children under the age of 13 and have to get them to school/soccer practice/little league etc. next day!

Remember though, wedding showers for second weddings are opportunities for friends and family to honour you as a couple and share the excitement in the build up for the wedding day, so think carefully before saying no.

Some encore brides prefer to skip the shower but what about enjoying some experience or fun day event. There is more of a tendency for these to be joint these days and can be themed to fit your lifestyle e.g. golf day, movie evening etc. There is a huge variety of options today.

Many encore couples prefer a gift-free event, or if presents are to be given try to make them lifestyle related.

Honeymoon or Familymoon

Family Playing at the BeachSo often the second wedding honeymoon takes second place in the planning when the bride and groom are organising their wedding, so put aside time for this important event too.

If you have children, then you have lots of decisions to make and it may largely depend on their age and your budget or perhaps you would like to go for familymoons instead.

Familymoons are becoming more popular and travel agents and websites can help with finding good destinations, which will be both suitable and fun.

If you decide on a second wedding honeymoon for just the two of you, your challenges are different and will largely be around who can take care of the children while you are away. These arrangements can get complex and need to be made at the same time as you are knee-deep in wedding organisation.

More couples are opting for a hybrid, there are several options available if you don’t want to leave them at home, or billet them with someone while you are away, it may even mean cutting your second wedding honeymoon to a short romantic getaway, but at least it will be something.

The Love2Plan eBook contains a very helpful travel checklist to help you plan and organise your second wedding honeymoon/familymoon.


Take Care of Yourselves

green and red healthy foodLastly, make sure you take care of yourselves by building into your preparations some time to relax and distress, otherwise you will be worn out by the time your special day comes.

Pay particular attention to your health, eating habits, sleep patterns to avoid getting run down. If you are planning to lose weight, start in plenty of time so as not to resort to starvation diets, diet pills and missed meals.

Consider using the de-stressing activities to also include family, have fun and bond. On the eve of the wedding, know that there is not much more you can do, so try to go through a pampering routine before going to bed to try to get as much restful sleep as possible.

This is a very small amount of information covered in Love2Plan – part of the Encore Weddings book series. You can buy just one of the books but why not take a leap and invest in all the Love2Last books that will really help you plan your most perfect wedding and you won’t be disappointed!




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