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The Bridal Party

Wedding Party portrait

In line with second wedding dresses, “What does the bride wear?” has become a key focus and often the most asked question for second weddings. The answer…whatever you feel good in and whatever colour you like!

Some of the other decisions may not be so easy though. For your second wedding bridal party, do you have attendants? If so who? If children take the role of bridesmaids and groomsmen, who play supporting roles to the bride and groom that are normally performed by the maid of honour and best man?

Chances are your children will not change their personalities or behaviours for your wedding, so be prepared to be Mum and Dad even on your special day.

The role of parents in the second weddings is likely to be different, make sure this is discussed with them well in advance of your wedding day, so you are managing expectations (both yours and theirs). If you are not going to ask your father to give you away, it is especially important to discuss this with him sensitively.

Gifts for the second wedding bridal party, the attendants, parents and supporters are still a feature of getting married, so you will probably still need to rack your brains for what is appropriate.

Supporting Cast

Organising some supporting staff will help to make your day run more smoothly. Decide if you would benefit from having a Wedding Planner or Day of Wedding Coordinator. The benefits can far outweigh the costs if you live busy and stressful lives, or do not want to be creative.

They may even save you money in the long run by getting several quotes and using their knowledge to get value for money.

Wedding Planners will either charge a flat rate, hourly rate or percentage of the total cost of the wedding. A Day of Wedding Coordinator is cheaper and allows the Bride and Groom to relax and enjoy their day. This role can be either a professional or a well organised and willing friend.

No matter how informal your wedding is, having a designated Master of Ceremonies (professional or a willing friend) will help to keep the function moving and means the Bride and Groom don’t have to worry about timings, introductions etc.

The Celebrant is a key supporter, as they have responsibility for the most important part of your day.  Make sure you select someone who fits well with both your personalities and the style of your wedding.

Second wedding dresses, coordinating with your second wedding bridal party and changing roles of parents are just a few pieces of the puzzle that will ensure your encore wedding’s success. For your ultimate peace of mind and happiness consider purchasing Second Wedding Mastery, or check out more information and encore wedding tips in Love2Last’s eBook Love2Organise available from the shop .



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