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Wedding Planning

Second Wedding Planning made easy


I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife.
Author Unknown



Bride and groom kissing.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning! The cost and the effort of planning a wedding will all seem small compared to the experiences and meaning you will feel during the wedding day.

You’ll never experience those feelings unless you are able to planning something that is just right for you. There are practical considerations too when second wedding planning.

With a demanding job, busy household, the thought of your second wedding might seem impossible. You may even be sceptical that you can even find the time to get married!

Most importantly, remember that there is no wrong wedding when you marry right. Spend your time both planning and living all at the same time. No wedding is worth taking over your life.

Try as much as you can to enjoy the moment and make decisions that just feel right. Sure, you might make a mistake but without mistakes there would be no experience.

Choose the style of wedding that you and your partner both want and that suit where you both are in your life right now.

More people are opting for destination wedding.  Or create a theme, this usually makes the second wedding planning easier as it cuts down the choices you need to make.

Budget and Date


Wedding budgets

Wedding planning usually starts with scheduling the date.  This should be based around your commitments, holiday periods etc.  Next you need to consider the availability of venues and special guests you want to attend.

Decide the time of year, day of week and time of day. Out of season and off-peak periods can provide substantial cost savings.

It is best to use a planning tool to keep track of where you are.  The Love2Track planning toolkit helps you set a realistic budget that reflects your financial position, lifestyle and personalities.

Using the tool helps you work out what you are prepared to spend in various areas e.g. clothing, food, flowers etc.

Religious or Civil?

Over 50% of weddings are civil ceremonies these days. This percentage is higher for second (plus) weddings as there can still be some difficulties for couples if they belong to a particular religion that does not support them.

There are many ways around this; it all takes extra effort and a bit more wedding planning effort.

swirlHappy marriage is the greatest wealth a man can possess,
and one that a peasant can have as easily as a king.
Douglas Carlton Abrams, The Lost Diary of Don Juan




One of the hazards of outdoor weddings

Booking the venue(s) is usually an early decision as it locks in the date and location of your wedding.  It also indicates the size of the budget you need. Leaving it late to book something may limit your choice.

Many encore weddings use the same venue for their ceremony and reception. The venue & location also drives other decisions, such as: who to invite for a destination/out of town wedding,

It will also drive the type of food to provide and transport requirements. it can even influence the style of clothing (indoor, outdoor, beach etc).

If outdoor though, make sure you have a contingency plan for inclement weather.  Many couples don’t arrange this early enough in their wedding planning and end up with less than optimal alternative options.

Deciding on your guest list can be just as hard for weddings when it not your first time. Don’t be surprised if it looks very different to your first.  You and your friends move on.

If it is bigger than you had planned, work together to make changes so you stay within your budget.

Invitation wording and etiquette needs to fit your style and personality, your situation, as well as the level of formality of your wedding. If you intend your wedding to be ‘a joining of two families’, then reflect this in the invitation.


Few things lead to more misunderstandings than the wedding guest list during your wedding planning. Approach this task with caution otherwise the only thing you’ll be inviting is trouble.

The good news is that attendees at encore weddings are often more understanding and have fewer expectations. Second weddings and children can be a great mix if you stay guided by the do’s and don’t’s of second wedding planning.

Even so, start with the premise that this is an occasion to celebrate your love. Those invited are there to share your special day. If any guests have problems with babysitters, partners, long distance travel and availability then they need to decide their priorities and act accordingly.

swirlI think I’m about to have a panic attack thinking about planning a wedding.
The Hillsswirl3








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